After 33 years of service as Executive Director of the Genesee County Medical Society, Pete Levine announced his retirement as of July 1, 2019. Levine said, “It has been an honor to serve as Executive Director of GCMS and work with such exceptional physicians and practice managers to improve healthcare in our community.”

During his retirement, Levine said he will enjoy more time with family, pursuing his personal interests, providing selected consultations, as well as continuing to represent GCMS at the Greater Flint Health Coalition.
Pete will also voice his insights and perspectives in these pages and continue as an editorial advisor to Healthcare Michigan.

“We are grateful for Pete’s many years of service to GCMS,” Edward Christy, MD, President of GCMS said. “We appreciate his dedication to patient and physician advocacy. His leadership was invaluable to our organization, and we wish him all the best for his retirement.”

Complete Eye Care Administrator Traci Kim said, “The significance of Pete’s role as a facilitator for the GCMS practice managers’ meetings cannot be overstated. He has been instrumental in bringing insurers to the table to address numerous complex reimbursement issues. We would not have this type of access to decision-makers without his advocacy. We are grateful for his leadership and guidance throughout the years.”

During his tenure at GCMS, Levine has provided leadership and innovation in the fields of medical economics, legislation, public health, and bioethics. He has been recognized in the medical and non-medical community as a leader, innovator, and humanitarian earning numerous awards, including the Genesee Health Plan Hall of Fame Award, MSMS Public Health Leadership Award, Healthcare Michigan Award of Excellence in Patient/Political Advocacy, and the Clement A. Alfred Humanitarian Award as part of the Flint Water Response Team.

Among his many professional appointments, Levine served has served on and serves on several boards of directors. Currently, he serves on the Boards of the Greater Flint Health Coalition, and the Genesee County Free Medical Clinic. He has also served as chair or vice chair of the Michigan Council of County Medical Society Executives since its inception.