Just A Few Questions
How can it be expected that all physicians and all citizens will succumb to the idea of socialized medicine without inquiring as to why they should? Is it somehow mandatory that we U.S. citizens duplicate the socialist-lite bloated welfare states that are the examples of how the rest of the “advanced” world’s approaches healthcare? How is it always correct to increasingly subvert the medical profession by employing ever more restrictive regulatory shackles? Isn’t it interesting to witness how the left-leaning elites write a check with money they do not have that comes from our bank accounts so that they can snoot and virtue signal? Isn’t social justice great when some elites can redistribute wealth to achieve equal outcomes in a world of humanity with individual cultures and aspirations? It seems I read somewhere that God created each person as unique and in His own likeness.

As the cadre of newly enlightened devotees to the alleged equality of their social justice platform prescribe socialized medicine for all of us, will this not steal coveted freedoms from physicians and citizens? Critical thinking versus emotional feel-good stuff?

You know, let these great new falsely pious warriors have at it. But leave the rest of the doctors and patients out of their unfunded, freedom-sapping never in history workable plans for us all.

Is not the pitifully decreasing physician morale in this country sufficient? Does it need to be at the pathetic levels of physicians functioning in those socialized medicine havens of provider underpayment for rationing care their governments can increasingly not afford? We already have two physician suicides a day in the United States.

Duplicating failure seems a strange goal, does it not?

The ‘Right’ To Healthcare?
When healthcare is presumed a right, the provider, doctor, has no rights. That someone would expect a service from another without payment seems much like the scourge of slavery that was belatedly banished from this country in the mid-19th century. There seems a hypocrisy here as the loud screams of the virtue signalers for social justice are joined by equally loud screams for physician services on demand for “free.” Is it not abusive to expect care without any expectation of payment or even a hint of appreciation? Explain the moral basis of those who want healthcare for “free” and those who benefit from this politically. There seems a loud and clear message here regarding the progressive movement and the duplicity of virtue signaling and social justice.

Then there is a mandatory obligation to preach false magnanimity devoid of any relationship to economic realities. With government-run healthcare, would there be any incentive for capital investment? Let me give a unambiguous answer, ‘no.’ Without capital investment, innovation disappears. Entrepreneurs are eradicated. And remember, financial capital effects human capital in direct correlation, and this includes the number, type and quality of future physicians. You cannot stave off voluntary and intelligent capital flow to the innovators in exchange for political favoritism, mercantilism, and expect anything other than the status quo at best. The emotional “feel good high” of the Medicare for all crowd can’t have it both ways, progress versus increasing government control.

Yes, for a person to share the most private aspects of their life often with nothing covering them other then a drape, this truly is a special bond, “a sacred relationship.” It cannot be legislated. In fact legislation has consistently eroded it. God help us if the bureaucrat elites are able to destroy it. The profession of medicine will be lost. This is a tragedy for all of us who will at some point need healthcare. You can meet your favorite bureaucrat or hospital administrator in the ER. The real doctors are likely a rapidly diminishing group in an environment of mandatory capitulation. There must be consequences, and these will most assuredly be negative.

—Allan Dobzyniak, MD

The opinions expressed above are those of the author and not necessarily those of Healthcare Michigan or its advisors.